For Shamanic and Alternative Health Care Providers

Seek answers or assistance on a complex case? We are here to support you.

We provide support and council for Shamanic Practitioners and Alternative Health Practitioners who have questions regarding challenging cases. We also welcome you to reach out to us for your personal issues.

PLEASE NOTE: We adhere to the strictest Ethical Practices and therefore, if we are to do any work with or on your client, we will need their permission to do so.

Before you request help from the Council, you must understand and agree to the following:

1: Our role is to provide you with Guidance. This comes from years of experience, augmented by our personal connection with Spirit and our Spiritual Allies.

Now, what you do with our Guidance does not matter to us, for we honor the gift of your Free Will. However, if you want to follow any of our Guidance or follow the course of action we outline, we do ask that you dedicate yourself to the task.

This work involves your active participation. You can not lay back and have all the work happen on its own. You MUST take an active role in assisting your client with their healing journey.

2: Understand that the is always an Energy Exchange that will take place. After the Council has gathered, you will be asked to do something in exchange. We do not know yet what that shall be, for we are told of this only after the Council has convened.

However, it usually involves acts of kindness to others or helping or working with nature. Whatever should come to you, you will need to commit to it.

3: If you are the client, much work is about to be undertaken for you. Therefore, we ask for a simple “test of your commitment to change” before we get started. We humbly request that a small token donation of $10.00 be made to the Council to cover a portion of our expenses. This is a “Goodwill gesture” to confirm your sincerity. Details on this will come later.

Important: We work on only one case at a time. You will be notified if your case is accepted and we will also let you know if there are cases ahead of yours and when we have begun working on yours. Sometimes, you may be given some “homework” before we begin. Each case varies. However, we typically complete a case with 3-10 days once our work has begun.


So, if you are ready to move onward, please fill out the following to begin the process of meeting the Council. Your message will go directly to Paul, who will become your initial point of contact.

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