About the Shamanic Vision Logo: A glimpse into the Teachings you are about to work with

Here is a symbol that speaks of who Neelam and I are and also of our vision of these teachings.

In June 2017, while going for a walk, a Vision of this came to me. I rushed home, drew it on a napkin, and within half an hour, a student of ours suddenly called us. An hour later, we were having lunch, and I shared the drawing on a napkin. Within a month and three conversations later, we had our logo.

The overall symbol is of a Medicine Wheel, which is the cornerstone of our Shamanic understandings, Way of BEing, and teachings. The green background provides us with the Earth and the gift of Life. 

In the East, there Thunder Bird, symbolic of the Phoenix Rising. This is the direction that honors All the is New. And for those who have studied with us, it also symbolizes our Becoming the Phoenix—Living a Life without Regret workshop. Here, we are renewed, and a new Life is born.

In The South—the direction of Action—are the Power Animals for Shamanic Vision: Twin Flame Horses. They represent the principle of Yin and Yang and are moving powerfully towards the West. Their position reflects active and engaged grounding and also a connection with that which is above.

In The West—the direction of Healing Waters—is the River of Life and Healing Hands. The River of Life is a very powerful and dynamic healing tool that Paul has used for a number of years and is the subject of a book currently in development.

In The North—the direction of Stillness and Wisdom and Ancestors—is the Tree of Life and the mountains that are so deeply honored in these teachings. 

The spiral in the center is a universal image for Shamanism. Ours generates from the center, from the place of Balance and Power. It radiates outwards, opening into the South where it may expand, ignited by our passion for these Teachings. Conversely, it also draws outer power inward, much like the gift of our breath, for this Circle is very much about Life.

If you notice, the internal lines do not touch the center. This symbolizes the free-flowing energy of the Medicine of each of the directions…we wish to flow freely, open, free, expansive, operating in realms of unlimited Dreams and Unlimited Potential. 

The Circle has two defined outer borders. The first defines the Medicine Wheel.

The second border encompasses All. This reflects how Neelam and I look way beyond the defined borders of time and space and, therefore, are Open and Curious beyond the limiting thoughts of man.

There is much more to all of this.

However, I invite you to find your metaphors here! What do you see, feel, hear, or observe in the logo?

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