About the Shamanic Vision Healing Council

What you encounter, recognize or discover depends to a large degree on the quality of your approach. Many of the ancient cultures practiced careful rituals of approach. An encounter of depth and spirit was preceded by careful preparation. When we approach with reverence, great things decide to approach us. Our real life comes to the surface and its light awakens the concealed beauty in things. When we walk on the earth with reverence, beauty will decide to trust us. The rushed heart and arrogant mind lack the gentleness and patience to enter that embrace.

John O’Donohue

Click on the picture to learn of some of the symbolism in this logo. This sheds some light on the nature of the work we shall do together.

About the Shamanic Vision Healing Council

The Shamanic Vision Healing Council is the result of Guidance and of a Vision given to Neelam and Paul as a way to help others, especially those who have sought help for a long time or who are economically challenged.

We are a Council of Seven. And like a traditional Council found in indigenous cultures around the world, we work with consideration for the greater Good of those who come to us.

As a Council, we offer insights. We offer suggestions. We do not do this in a flippant manner. Instead, we discuss among ourselves and we use our gifts, talents, knowledge and wisdom to assist us.

However, most importantly, we rely of our deep connection with Spirit and our Spiritual Allies.

We approach each individual case that comes our way with respect and also with the unique Shamanic perspective where all healing takes place at the level of the Soul. In other words, we seek to understand what your Soul has been trying to tell you for a long time.

For those in Need

We are here to help Guide you as you venture along your Healing Journey. Here, you are not alone. Click here for more on how we are of service.

For Shamanic and Alternative Health Practitioners

We provide support and council for Shamanic Practitioners and Alternative Health Practitioners who have questions regarding challenging cases. We also welcome you to reach out to us for your personal issues. Click here for more on how we can be of service. 

Wisdom #5: Your responsibility as an Elder

When you are an Elder, you have taken on a great responsibility.

Though some folks may not know it, your Wisdom is of great value, especially if you lived your life in a Good Way.

So, what is a Good Way?

Before we step on any trail, before we venture up that canyon or step upon the land, we pause and thank the land. We thank the Ancestors who lived and died there. We step with awareness, asking to walk in their footsteps. We say our prayers to Spirit, to the Earth Mother, to those who have gone before us. We ask permission to enter.

And when we do so, the wind speaks to us. We feel. We listen. And therefore, we enter a place in a Good Way.

Therefore, we do the same as we Walk the Trail of our Lives.

Paul Hinsberger: Wisdom Block #5 from upcoming book The Sacred Elder

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